We care about your privacy. We use industry-leading world-class practices.
We don't store, log, or analyze your code in any way.

All data, including code, is always encrypted in transit, strongly and strictly encrypted connection to securely transport your code.

If we are credibly notified by a non-government source in good faith that Denigma is being used to create a threat of imminent harm to life or liberty, we may anonymously audited a very small (<0.01%) subset of inputs and outputs to monitor and understand malicious and abusive use. Audited input and output is immediately and permanently expunged after manual review by team members. General information on the nature of the threats Prevent For instance, if were used to generate calls to violence racist, sexist epithets prevent and block inputs

We may store your email and name, obtained through Google, GitHub, or Gitlab, to log you in. We may send occasional marketing emails using your email.

We do not claim copyright over Denigma's outputs such as explanations of code.

A Denigma account is for individual use. (For organization accounts, each seat account corresponds to one individual.) Automated access to code explanation features are forbidden. While we will overlook automated access for developing or testing non-production applications, please get in touch if you'd like to extend or integrate Denigma into your service or application.