Tips for best accuracy
  1. Help keep Denigma focused- use it to explain the specific sections you're interested in. Denigma sometimes explains code suboptimally when you use more code.
  2. Denigma understands class, variable, and method names. If your names are accurate, Denigma will perform better. If your names are vague, try to improve your names. If your names may be inaccurate, try replacing them with vaguer substitutes foo, bar, or _
Does Denigma work with deliberately obfuscated code? Is Denigma a reverse developering tool?

Denigma is not intended to be used with deliberately obfuscated code. It is not a reverse developering tool. Furthermore, Denigma does not explain esoteric languages. However, it works well on poorly written, abandoned, and hard to grasp code. Furthermore, Denigma does not explain esoteric programming languages.

What languages does Denigma support?

Denigma works with almost all programming languages, including Python, Rust, C, C++, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, C#, Go, CSS, JSX (React), and many more. Rarer languages such as COBOL, AutoHotKey, and V also work well. The best way to find out if your language is supported is to try it and see.

However, Denigma has low accuracy in extremely exotic programming languages, such as Lisp-family languages, assembly, and Haskell-like languages. For these languages, please join the waitlist.

Can Denigma explain regular expressions (regexes)?

Denigma does not have high accuracy when explaining regular expressions. We recommend using RegExr for explaining regular expressions. (Denigma is not affiliated with RegExr.)

Does Denigma identify and explain algorithms?

Denigma is intended for explaining real-world code.

Does Denigma support my library or framework?

People report good results using Denigma on code that uses popular libraries React and PyTorch. However, support for frameworks and libraries is preliminary. We plan to improve the accuracy and depth of explanations for all frameworks, including popular ones. You can help us by gathering documentation for each framework.

How do I cancel my subscription?

The receipt you receive from our payment processor, Paddle, has a link that says "please contact us on paddle.net." Talk to Kino the bot to get a link to cancel your subscription or manage your payment method.